Milkman Citrus Supernova - 50ml

Are you burdened by a dry brittle beard & dry skin? Milkman's gentle foam contains a coconut-based soap that helps to clean built-up gunk & debris without stripping too much of your skin’s natural oils like an aggressive head shampoo or body soap can. Now you can have a clean beard that feels soft & healthy. A beard is something that should be enjoyed, and there is nothing more enjoyable than stroking a soft luscious beard. Milkman has packed their 2 in 1 with hydrating & softening ingredients including vitamin B5, aloe vera, argan oil & sorbitol. Instantly your beard will feel softer, fuller & easier to manage. Great for softening stubble & mustaches as well as beards of all sizes. Scent: Citrus Supernova For Sensitive Skin No Parabens/Sulfates Vegan-Friendly Made In Australia

Scent: Citrus Supernova


Use a cleaner & conditioner for your beard. For short-medium beads, depress foamer 2-3 times slowly & apply to beard, leave for about a minute then rinse. For larger beards, use more pumps as needed. Aim to just coat the beard lightly with the product, it works without needing to apply a thick lather.


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