Milkman Beard Gift pack - Free Toiletries Bag

Milkman Beard Pack with Free Toilet Bag 

2 in 1 Beard Shampoo and Conditioner 200ml

Are you burdened by a dry brittle beard & dry skin? Milkman's gentle foam contains a coconut-based soap that helps to clean built-up gunk & debris without stripping too much of your skin’s natural oils like an aggressive head shampoo or body soap can. Now you can have a clean beard that feels soft & healthy. A beard is something that should be enjoyed, and there is nothing more enjoyable than stroking a soft luscious beard. Milkman has packed their 2 in 1 with hydrating & softening ingredients including vitamin B5, aloe vera, argan oil & sorbitol. Instantly your beard will feel softer, fuller & easier to manage. Great for softening stubble & mustaches as well as beards of all sizes. Scent: Citrus Supernova For Sensitive Skin No Parabens/Sulfates Vegan-Friendly Made In Australia


Use a cleaner & conditioner for your beard. For short-medium beads, depress foamier 2-3 times slowly & apply to beard, leave for about a minute then rinse. For larger beards, use more pumps as needed. Aim to just coat the beard lightly with the product, it works without needing to apply a thick lather.

Beard Balm 13ml

Choose your scent - Spiced Vanille or Beard Candy

Milkman Beard Balm in Spiced Vanille and Beard Candy scent helps to shape and condition the beard but the real kicker is the fragrance.

It basically turns your beard into a masculine version of sweet vanilla. There is a good amount of that addictive vanilla sweetness, with a bit of spice thrown into man things up.

Beards make you look manly, more attractive & feel as though you’ve achieved something even if you haven't done anything that day. So if you have a beard, you’d be a fool not to embrace the styling, conditioning & fragrancing capabilities of Milkman’s “Beard Candy™” beard balm. It's light natural hold helps control the shape of your beard whilst the rich botanicals coat & protect the beard hair making it feel soft & healthy. Suited for medium to large beards. No Preservatives Low-Medium Hold Made In Australia

Usage: Scrape out a small chunk of balm, rub with the palms of your hand until dissolved then work through the beard first working up against the grain & then patting it back down.

Beard Oil 15ml – Try all our fragrances they are perfect travel size

Choose your Scent:  Citrus Supernova – King of Wood or Furiously Nude

What’s the point of having a beard if it is dry, itchy, brittle, or irritating? A beard is something that should be enjoyed, & there is nothing more enjoyable than stroking a soft luscious beard. Milkman's complex formulation of botanical oils will impregnate & coat your hair to seal in moisture & make it soft like a feather. Not only will this keep it feeling good, but it will also be itch-free, tangle-free & easier to style.

No Preservatives Vegan Friendly Made In Australia

Moustache Brush

Made from oak wood & 100% boar bristle, this mo brush is an exceptional quality grooming tool that can help to style your mustache with precision.  Its compact design makes it a perfect addition to your grooming kit & is easy to bring with you when you're on the go. This tool lifts & separates the hair to make it appear thicker & fuller.

Milkman Dopp Bag 2.0

Wanting something that is small enough to fit in your luggage and big enough to fit all your essentials. The Milkman dopp bag delivers, making sure all your grooming and toiletry gear can be safely stored in the one convenient place.

NOTE: If you have a preference for the color of your free toiletries bag please add it to your order notes. If not specified you will be sent a bag that may possibly be different from the Display photo. COLOURS: Army Green, Black, Navy Blue

Beard oil
Beard Balm