Baxter of California Deluxe Hair Package

This is a must have hair package from Baxter of California.

Baxter of California Clay Effect Style Spray is a multipurpose texturing spray with strong hold, adds thickness to hairstyles, helps control frizz, and allows you to achieve gritty, textured styles.

The lightweight spray contains castor and jojoba oil that provide vitamins & nutrients for thinning hair.

It's easy to apply and is so versatile that it can be used in all stages of your grooming routine: when blow-drying hair, with a pomade, or on its own. This "clay-in-a-spray” offers a matte finish and strong hold that works great for all hair types.

  • Strong Hold
  • Textured Finish
  • Mess-free Spray Bottle
  • Made in USA

Tip: Spray to finish any style.

Baxter Of California Clay Pomade is packed with natural ingredients including clay and beeswax, the texturising formula gives a sturdy, pliable hold. It works all day without leaving a clumpy, sticky mess. The pomade can be used on both wet and dry hair with ease.

Baxter of California cream pomade helps manage styles without weighing the hair down. Its natural ingredients help soften and smooth the hair's natural texture and help to control fizz.

  • Petroleum based
  • Light hold
  • Natural finish
  • Fresh, herb scent
  • Ideal for all hair types

Package includes:
Clay Effect Style Spray: 120 ml
Clay Pomade: 60 ml
Cream Pomade: 60 ml